Clipbird understand the modern day need of integrated security solution and is passionate about electronic security solutions.


Biometrics is the modern way to secure your office and premises. Biometric technology recognizes an individual on the basis of the unique feature of their face, fingerprint, DNA or iris pattern and then conveys a secure and suitable method for verification purposes.The most important advantage of biometric technology as compared to other traditional security methods, like cameras, personal ID cards, keys or passwords, is that it is essentially linked to each individual person's persona and hence cannot be easily compromised by stealing, collusion or loss.

Biomatrix Camera

We at Clipbird supply with biometrics identification scanners and door locks. The Biometrics security system eliminates the need for entry cards or keypad codes and uses sophisticated biometrics technology to improve the security at your offices. The installation of Biometric security system, fingerprint scanners and security solutions for iris and facial identification, we help you deploy cutting-edge, secure and personalized biometric security solutions.

Other Types of Security Cameras

Keeping in mind the diverse need of our customers we offer a broad range of quality security wired and wirelesssolutions too.Clipbird offers you security solution as per your need - IP CCTV camera suited for a wide variety of applications, discreet bullet cameras for sensitive environments, mini spy camera for homes and cabins, to tough wired security cameras for industries and harsh outdoors and dome cameras for shops and office interiors.

We offer a wide range of network security cameras, including ADH bullet cameras, ADH dome cameras, cube cameras and also box cameras in a multiple configurations to meet a range of surveillance needs.

All our cameras are capable of capturing wide range high definition images, low light imagery, dual stream encoding and much more. Clipbird also has cameras equipped with advanced video analytics and facial detection features. All our security cameras are high class products and have certifications to confirm to the latest quality standards so as to guarantee the best experience.


2,000 Finger Print
52,000 Transaction
1,000 Finger Print
1 Lac Transaction
Colored Display
3,000 Finger Print, 1Lac Trans.
Colored Display
USB for backup in pen drive
3,000 Cards
80,000 Transaction
EM Lock Connect-yes
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