Guard Monitring System

You deploy guards to take care and keep your premises secured at all times, even when you are not around. But how do you make sure that the guards are working efficiently and all your money is not getting wasted?

Guard Monitring System

The best way to do so is with Guard Monitoring system. This special security system helps you to control and monitor the physical security. The security guards will need to record their entry and exit to all the checkpoints during the duty time. This system helps to make sure that the guard appointed for the security of a particular area is actually taking the rounds at the decided intervals by keeping a record for the same. The entry or passing of the guards is recorded in the system with date and time for every round and a report is generated for each patrolling route.

This modern and cutting edge security system is for logging the rounds of the guards patrolling a property. This can also be used for technicians and other employees who have a duty to monitor a certain area in your premises, may it be for security or for any other reason like temperature control or surveillance of others. The Guard Monitoring System makes sure that the employee has made his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals.

Clipbird offers you with state of art Guard Monitoring System and withinnovative monitoring technologies. The person conducting a guard monitoring can now use new and unique technology and manage all of his work via a smartphone only.

Other Security Offers:

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We have a great repute in Delhi and in NCR. We have installed CCTV cameras and Guard Monitoring System in various offices, factories, BPOs etc. We can offer you with tailor made security best suited for your premises.

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